Prevent In-Home drownings

In-Home Water Safety Tips and Resources

Safety Tips

Always stay within an arm’s reach of your child when he or she is in or near the bathtub, toilet, pools, spas or buckets. Never leave your child alone or in the care of older children during bath time.

Once bath time is over, immediately drain the tub.

Empty all buckets, containers, and wading pools immediately after use. Store them upside-down and out of children’s reach.

Keep toilet lids closed and use toilet seat locks.

Never leave your child unattended in a tub or around any other body of water, even if he or she knows how to swim.

Keep doors to bathrooms and laundry rooms closed.

Children in baby bath seats and rings must be watched every second.

Pets are not the only ones that fit through Doggie Doors, small children do too. Be sure the doggie door does not lead directly to the pool area.