Thank you for your interest in raising funds on behalf of the Drowning Prevention Coalition of Arizona. We are always grateful for the generous support of our friends in the community who share our commitment to water safety and drowning prevention.

Facebook Fundraisers

Raise money on behalf of the DPCA where your friends already are - on Facebook! Head over to Facebook Fundraisers and click on Create Fundraiser to get started. Search for "Drowning Prevention Coalition of Central Arizona," add a photo, and tell your story!

Host an event

In order to ensure that all proposed special events are registered approved, we require the following.

  • All fundraising events for the benefit of the DPCA must be approved in advance by the DPCA Board of Directors. The application must be completed and filed with the Board at least 30 days before the proposed event date before approval can be granted.
  • Events must fit the mission and convey the appropriate image of the DPCA.
  • Estimated expenses and revenue should be established by the event organizer on the application and submitted to the DPCA Board before the event is approved.
  • Events and programs must comply with all federal, state and local laws governing charitable fundraising, gift reporting and special events.
  • The event organizer is responsible for obtaining any necessary permits and clearances required by the government. The event organizer must also obtain appropriate insurance coverage, if necessary. Please note that some permits may require up to 60 days prior to event for filing.
  • Use of the name of DPCA, logo or any other term implying endowment by or support of DPCA is not authorized except by specific approval by a member of the DPCA executive committee. All uses of the DPCA logo, name in advance of its reproduction, printing, or dissemination, must be approved. This includes invitations, posters, fliers, press releases, etc.)
  • Advanced authorization is required for any advertising or promotional activities related to the event.
  • In naming the event, DPCA should not be used in the title, but rather listed as the beneficiary of the event. For example, organizers should not refer to the event as the “Drowning Prevention Coalition of Arizona Golf Tournament”. Instead, it should be promoted as “Golf Tournament to benefit the Drowning Prevention Coalition of Arizona”.
  • The DPCA does not release its proprietary mailing lists to third party organizations.
  • Within 30 days following the completion of your event, all net proceeds must be received by the DPCA. Proceeds should be mailed to 428 E. Thunderbird Rd., #606, Phoenix, AZ. 85022 or delivered to the DPCA Treasurer.
  • The DPCA Board is authorized to have complete access to all fundraising activities and is authorized to audit such records at completion of the fundraiser or at any time during the fundraising event as deemed necessary by the DPCA Board.
  • The event/program organizer must seek approval from DPCA board to repeat the event in each succeeding year.

What a representative from the DPCA board can do to assist with your event.

  • Offer advice and expertise on event planning.
  • Provide a letter of authorization to be used to validate the authenticity of the event/program and its organizers.
  • Provide and approve the use of the DPCA name and logo.
  • Promote the event on the DPCA website, and the DPCA Facebook page.
  • Assist with writing press releases and promotional event related materials.
  • Provide additional public relations efforts to publicize the event.
  • Request community volunteer support for your event. Please note this request is based on individuals’ availability and cannot be guaranteed.
  • Attend events or check presentations, as schedule permits.
  • Provide DPCA banners and other materials, as available.
  • Provide a written tax receipt to donors who make their contributions payable to DPCA in accordance with state and federal tax laws.

What DPCA representatives are unable to do:

  • Extend our tax exemption to you.
  • Provide primary insurance coverage.
  • Provide funding or reimbursement for expenses.
  • Provide celebrities or professional athletes for your event.
  • Solicit sponsorship revenue for your fundraising event/program.
  • Provide mailing list of donors, vendors, board members or other affiliated members of the DPCA.
  • Guarantee media coverage.
  • Guarantee attendance of donors, vendors, board members or other affiliated members of the DPCA at the event or during check presentations.
  • You must submit this event/program application to the Drowning Prevention Coalition of Arizona for approval at least 30 days from program launch or event date. Click here for the application.