Tim Flood

Subject Matter Expert

Dr. Tim Flood is one of the pioneers of drowning prevention for Arizona. In 1986, Tim started tracking pediatric drowning events. There was no state mandate, no public education campaign, no discussion of any kind of barrier ordinance. Out of absolute concern, Tim kept track of the pertinent factors that contributed to kids drowning in any source of water. Tim developed a data incident collection form that each fire department uses to submit surveillance information regarding any drowning incident. All fire departments in Maricopa County, Tucson Fire Department and Yuma Fire Department voluntarily participate in this yearly surveillance data collection project.

Tim is a founding member of the DPCA and continues to be an active member on the Advisory Council. Since 1986, Dr. Flood’s data has been used to not only increase awareness of the drowning problem, but has helped pass barrier ordinances in cities around Arizona and helped ensure the passage of a statewide barrier law. He has participated in rule making on a state level regarding drowning issues. He has helped local fire departments create new/updated water safety messages by analyzing their local data and comparing it with similar communities.

For Arizona Department of Health Services, Dr. Flood provides input into the state strategic plan for injury prevention and control, including the section concerning drowning prevention. He has lived in Arizona since the 1960’s.