Linda Kirby

Founding Member

Linda’s first involvement with water safety started in 1988 as manager of a drowning prevention project with the Maricopa Department of Health Services. As time progressed, she met wonderful people who were truly committed to all things water safety. Two groups stood out, their concerns and pleas for help could not be ignored: the parents of children who drowned and the first responders/medical personnel who treated and transported these children. To this day, their stories, tears and passion stay with her.

Linda’s involvement continued when she joined Phoenix Fire Department. She says a conversation with a colleague was particularly profound – when she asked a firefighter why the fire department was so concerned with the issue of drowning. Wasn’t fire safety more important to them? He looked at me and said, “because of all the emergency calls we (firefighters) respond to, our folks see this one as the most preventable.” His answer resonated with her and has sustained her passion for this issue.

Linda was a founding board member of the DPCA. She provides a rich history and knowledge to and about the Coalition as the organization grows and expands its programs.