Tracy Herbst


In 2006, Tracy embarked on a new career, teaching infant and toddler aquatic self-rescue lessons as a Certified Infant Swimming Resource instructor. Prior to that Tracy spent her career in golf marketing and sales and admittedly, knew little about drowning or water safety. Becoming an instructor changed all that and she quickly became educated and engaged.

Her involvement with the Drowning Prevention Coalition started early in her new career as she started attending general meetings. Thanks to the DPCA and her career as an instructor, her passion for and commitment to water safety and drowning prevention and aquatic survival grew. With each student “self-rescue” story she is told, she knows she has found a place she really makes an impact. Through teaching water safety and aquatic self-rescue, not only to the children but to their parents as well, she is serving the community as an advocate for water safety.

Prior to becoming a board member in 2012, Tracy served on the Advisory committee. Tracy began the role of DPCA Treasurer in 2016. Tracy is also involved with the Cavalier Rescue Foundation. Previously she was a board member for Crisis Nursery in Phoenix for three years and has also volunteered as fundraising event chair for Habitat for Humanity. Tracy is a graduate of the University of Oregon where she received her bachelor’s degree in Business Administration. Tracy is owner of Arcadia Swim for Kids, LLC.