Jay Arthur

Vice President

Jay Arthur retired from the Phoenix Fire Department in May 2011. He worked for 37 plus years as a Firefighter, Engineer and Captain. He was hired at 18 years old and the first Chinese American. Jay was one of the 10 original “Learn Not To Burn” instructors in Arizona in 1976. He has been a CPR instructor/trainer since 1978. He was also co-creator of the original PFD Juvenile Firesetter Intervention Program. Jay was also involved in the creation and facilitated the PFD Urban Survival program in 1991, which included water safety education in schools, businesses, events, sporting venues and even homes.

In 1989, Jay was one of five Captains on the PFD Water Safety Task Force, the SWIM (stop water infant mortality) team. SWIM was empowered by the city council and community to stop the drowning epidemic- 103 total incidents in 1989. This led to the creation of the nationally-known “Just a Few Seconds” campaign that united the community – including the media – that saved many lives during its existence.

As one of the original members of the DPCA, he continues to be an advocate since retiring in 2011 because he believes lives are saved on a daily basis because we care to make the difference.

Jay is a rare Arizona Native. He has a “beautiful and amazing wife,” Jenelle and two grown daughters, Samantha and Jaymi. Samantha is a 3rd grade teacher in the Deer Valley School District at Las Brisas Elementary. Jaymi is a Senior Administrative Assistant in sales at the Tapatio Cliffs Resort. I have four fabulous grandchildren, all boys, two from each daughter ranging from 7 months to 9 years old.