Board Member - Tina Gerola
Superstition Fire and Medical District
Tina is the Fire and Life Safety Specialist for Superstition Fire and Medical District.  She has been working the fire district since April 12, 2004, after a 14-year career at the General Motors Desert Proving Grounds in Mesa.  Tina joined the DPCA in 2011 and has been active with water safety efforts for years in her work with the SFMD.  She has been instrumental in planning an extensive April Pools Day event in her community that requires attendees to complete activities to “earn” their free entrance to swim.  As the Public Education Coordinator, she coordinates all of the events and education programs, including presentations in preschools and developing PSAs.

Tina was born in Bagdad, Arizona, where her dad was a copper miner.  Tina loves her community and proudly raised her four grown children here.  She and her husband Fred have a son and three daughters, and five grandchildren.

Her family keeps growing, which is why Tina is so passionate about water safety.  Tina says, there is nothing more precious than children, and their safety is all of our responsibility.  There are very few that has not been touched by a child drowning in one way or another.  She believes that whether it’s happened to someone you recently met, a resident of your community, someone from church, a dear friend, or someone in your own family, it’s an event that affects and changes the lives of everyone.  Tina’s philosophy is that with education, participation, and action, we can all do our part to help eliminate child drownings in Arizona.