Board Member - Lela Hinds Peterson
Lela Hinds Peterson, Mesa Fire and Medical Department

Lela is the Fire and Life Safety Education Specialist at Mesa Fire and Medical Department (MFMD) since 2013. Seven years Prior to accepting the position at MFMD Lela worked as a Neuroscience Research Analysist at Phoenix Children’s Hospital (PCH).  While doing research at PCH Lela had the opportunity to work with families and victims of drowning. Lela joined the DPCA in 2013 and has been involved in numerous activities and events. Lela has worked the water safety booth at the Pointe and Sunplash. She attended the 2015 National Drowning Prevention Alliance Conference (NDPA), assisted in organizing and decorating at the 2016 NDPA conference in Phoenix and will be a co-presenter at the 2017 NDPA conference. Lela is extremely active with water safety efforts in her work with MFMD doing 3 or more presentations a week.  She has been planning and executed 2 successful April Pool’s Day, drowning prevention water walks and other water safety events in her community.  As the Fire & Life Safety Specialist, she coordinates all of the events and education programs preschool and elementary schools. Lela is passionate about water safety/ drowning prevention and has partnered with local businesses and media to help get the message to the entire region not just Mesa AZ.