Board Member - Kathy Till 
Kathy A. Till has 25+ years of professional business experience and is currently the Vice President of Human Resources and Personnel Development for La-Z-Boy Furniture Galleries of Arizona. Her career focus has been about the personal development of people and enhancing their professional skills for the achievement of their organizational goals. Kathy is continuously seeking strategic & creative ways to foster a dynamic learning environment and in promoting a heightened awareness of continuous improvement.

She has been with La-Z-Boy Furniture Galleries for over 15 years and is a member of the Society of Human Resources Management (SHRM). She has received her certificate of completion for Leadership Training through Rapport Leadership International.  Kathy has been involved in water safety programs for Arizona since 1999.  Kathy has been a member of the Advisory Board for Drowning Prevention Coalition of Arizona since 2009.

Her values are Integrity, Faith & Love; Integrity in honoring every life, a strong faith in the importance of always caring about others, the love of life in its purity and being inspired by whatever surrounds her.