About DPCA


swim-smileIn 1989, representatives from:Arizona Department of Health Services (ADHS), Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), fire departments, and hospital personnel met and formed what is now known as the Drowning Prevention Coalition of Arizona (DPCA).

Today, DPCA is comprised of parents, health and safety professionals, business leaders, and concerned citizens. The group exists to provide a forum fordrowning prevention efforts through the promotion of education, legislative action, awareness, and enhanced product safety.

As a community-based organization, DPCA attracts members from many different areas. We are able to bring together individuals from different cities, industries, and backgrounds to work toward a common cause that significantly benefits the entire community.

The Coalition promotes the following three core principles of drowning prevention:


  • The State of Arizona mandates the use of proper pool barriers, and barriers are a criticl piece of drowning prevention. Even so, barriers alone aren’t enough.


  • Drowning occurs suddenly and without warning. There is usually no splash and no cry. Most drowning victims are missing for less than five minutes before their absence is noted. Constant supervision is the ONLY way to reliably prevent drownings.


  • When an incident occurs, survival depends on a quick and proper response. Knowing and using proper CPR (and being certified every year) gives you the best chance to save a life.
  • Swimming lessons can be considered a layer of protection as well, but no one is “drown proof” even if they know how to swim.